Trump claims every Jewish person who votes Democrat ‘hates their religion’ and ‘Israel’

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Former President Donald Trump on Monday railed against Jewish people who vote for Democrats, arguing that they “hate” Israel and “their religion.”

“Any Jewish person that votes for Democrats hates their religion,” the presumptive GOP nominee for president said during an appearance on the “America First with Sebastian Gorka” podcast. 

“They hate everything about Israel, and they should be ashamed of themselves because Israel will be destroyed [under Democratic leadership],” Trump added, noting Iran’s ambition to create a nuclear weapon and the Biden administration’s easing of sanctions against the US adversary.

Trump accused Jewish people who vote Democrat of hating “their religion.” Salem News Channel

The 77-year-old former president said he thinks “the Democrat Party hates Israel” as well, taking exception to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) recent criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s handling of the Jewish state’s war against Hamas. 

Trump argued that by criticizing Netanyahu, Schumer is trying to win over demonstrators participating in large-scale anti-Israel protests. 

“Guys like Schumer see that –  and to him it’s votes,” the 45th president said. “I think it’s votes more than anything else, because he was always pro-Israel.” 

“He’s very anti-Israel now,” he added.  

The Biden campaign slammed Trump over his remarks.

“The only person who should be ashamed here is Donald Trump,” the campaign said in a statement.

“Donald Trump openly demeans Jewish Americans and reportedly thinks Adolf Hitler ‘did some good things.’ He has said the only people he wants counting his money are ‘short guys wearing yarmulkes,’ and praised neo-Nazis who chanted ‘Jews will not replace us’ as ‘very fine people.’”

“Trump is going to lose again this November because Americans are sick of his hateful resentment, personal attacks, and extreme agenda,” the statement concludes. 

Trump argued that Israel will be “destroyed” under Democratic leadership. AFP via Getty Images
The White House, Biden campaign and Sen. Chuck Schumer slammed Trump’s comments Monday. REUTERS

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates also rebuked Trump, casting his comments as “vile and unhinged Antisemitic rhetoric.” 

“As Antisemitic crimes and acts of hate have increased across the world — among them the deadliest attack committed against the Jewish people since the Holocaust — leaders have an obligation to call hate what it is and bring Americans together against it,” he said in a statement. “There is no justification for spreading toxic, false stereotypes that threaten fellow citizens. None.”

Schumer argued that making “Israel a partisan issue only hurts Israel and the US-Israeli relationship.”

“Trump is making highly partisan and hateful rants,” the senator wrote on X.

“I am working in a bipartisan way to ensure the US-Israeli relationship sustains for generations to come, buoyed by peace in the Middle East,” he added.

The Trump campaign did not respond to The Post’s request for comment. 

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