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Teddy Bindra is a three-year-old Toy Maltipoo who is owned by Pradeep Bindra. The two live together in West New York. With over 4,000 followers on Instagram, Teddy is most known for his participation in both the 2021 and 2022 New York Fashion Week — modeling for Anthony Rubio Designs. The Hoboken Girl had the chance to talk with this famous pup and his experience in NYFW (through the eyes of his owner, of course). Read on to learn more about Teddy and his fashion accomplishments.

teddy bindra dog new york fashion week

The Hoboken Girl: What do you do for a living?

Pradeep Bindra: I am an Enterprise Agile Coach at Bloomberg.

HG: Tell us about your dog. What breed is he + how old is he?

PB: Teddy is a three-year-old Toy Maltipoo. He is one of the friendliest dogs you will ever come across.

teddy bindra nyfw

(Photo credit: Alina Kaminskaia — @alinakaminskaiaa)

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HG: Tell us your adoption story.

PB: I saw an ad where someone had an extra litter and I went to go see the dogs. When I walked up, Teddy adopted me! He ran straight to me and I couldn’t walk away home alone.

HG: Where do you + Teddy live?

PB: We live by the water with the most precious New York skyline view in Port Imperial in West New York.

HG: How did Teddy get started in fashion?

PB: One of Teddy‘s friends was on the Anthony Rubio Show and I went to support the other pup. When we got there, everyone fell in love with Teddy and he became a part of the show and on the runway with Anthony Rubio Designs!

teddy bindra nyfw anthony rubio

(Photo credit: Hideki Aono — and @hideki.aono.creative)

From VIP seats straight to the runway, it was more than a dream come true. That was back in February. The crowd loved Teddy so much that we were invited back again to have Teddy on the ramp again. Teddy participated in two NYFW shows and was invited as a VIP guest for some other NYFW shows.

HG: Tell us how Teddy made his way to NYFW last year. What was the process + experience like?

PB: Teddy started out as a VIP guest, but within no time he became a part of the show. I was sitting in my VIP seat ready to record when I got the message to come backstage and our lives changed forever! Interestingly enough, Anthony Rubio Show never has any additional openings — but due to Covid and the vaccination requirements, a few pups didn’t make the cut. While I feel sad that Teddy took another dog’s spot due to Covid, I am incredibly grateful that our lives transformed forever. The experience was glamorous! Teddy was paired with a gorgeous model and he turned his head from side to side to pose for pictures. Afterwards, we made it to the red carpet. There were almost 50 photographers — if not more — standing behind the red carpet flashing lights on my little baby. Teddy also snuck in a few kisses with the models when I wasn’t looking!

HG: How was NYFW 2022? What was different about this year’s event compared with last year’s?

teddy bindra nyfw

(Photo credit: @manonceartist)

PB: Anthony Rubio’s shows are always an experience. It’s all about the venue, the guests, the models, the music, and the overall ambiance. Last year was incredible, but he always manages to outdo his previous shows. This year, the venue was the Angel Orensanz Foundation. We had spectators from VIP seats to the balcony seat. One visitor even described it as a Hogwarts feel where everything felt magical! This year the Garments were even more lavish.

The model that carried Teddy on the Ramp is Miss Blerta Veseli, Who was a Miss Universe Kosovo 2020 and has 800K followers (@missblertaveseli)

HG: Who manages Teddy’s Instagram account? Tell us about how you grew his brand to over 4k followers.

PB: I personally manage Teddy’s account (@teddytheteddybear_official). I do have a few Instagram advisers that consistently provide me feedback to reach a greater audience. I actually started his Instagram account when Teddy adopted me. It started out as cute pictures of Teddy and then from fashion week we had a significant growth in our followers. Several of Teddy‘s videos also went viral and we kept growing! I am incredibly thankful to all of Teddy‘s followers on Instagram and in real life.

HG: What are some of your goals for Teddy in the coming years?

PB: Some of the goals for Teddy in the coming years are to be a part of LA Fashion Week, partner with more brands, and eventually have him in TV advertisements.

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HG: What advice would you give to other pet parents looking to get their pets into modeling and/or fashion?

PB: I would highly suggest great training for your pup. Having Teddy understand the basic commands was accomplished from his early training through Petco and then I began teaching him tricks. Teddy often flaunts his sunglasses And it took a lot of treats! The most important thing I would suggest is to start posting about your dog early. My phone has more pictures of Teddy than of myself! This gave him a lot of practice to be camera ready for the red carpet.

teddy bindra nyfw

(Photo credit: Hideki Aono — and @hideki.aono.creative)

HG: Is there anything else you think our readers would like to know?

PB: Teddy has learned several tricks. Outside of being the most friendly dog to all dogs and humans, Teddy loves to twirl and show off his dance skills. He always sneaks in kisses with every model!

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