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“Saturday Night Live” kicked off its 48th season on Saturday night with host Miles Teller as former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and Andrew Dismukes as his brother, Eli.

In the sketch, the two were doing an analysis of the season premiere of the NBC variety show.

“Ok, we got an establishing shot of Mar-a-Lago,” Dismukes’ Eli said.

“Oh good! Trump sketch,” Teller’s Peyton said. “Way to mix it up.”

This led to the two watching a Trump sketch starring James Austin Johnson as the former president.

Peyton (Teller) and Eli (Dismukes) were not happy with the sketch.

“Okay, time out,” Dismukes’ Eli said, pausing the sketch. “What the hell was that?”

Teller’s Peyton asked why there were no fun impersonations of Anthony Fauci or Rudy Giuliani.

“Those were all Kate McKinnon,” Dismukes’ Eli informed Teller’s Peyton. McKinnon left the show last season.

In the sketch, the Mannings breakdown 'SNL' itself

Bowen Yang then entered the sketch and flubbed a line, which the two former faux quarterbacks called out.

“He was supposed to take a step up this year,” Dismukes’ Eli said. “But you can tell the pressure is getting to him.”

Teller’s Peyton said that the show is in a “rebuilding year for sure.”

The two then went over the show’s stats so far, which were “14 attempted jokes, 1 mild laugh and 3 chuckles.”

“Thank God they have Kendrick Lamar because that’s the only reason anyone is tuning in,” Teller’s Peyton said – the joke being that Teller is also the host.

The two then brought out former host Jon Hamm as a guest and asked him what he’s seen so far tonight.

“I don’t know, but it’s not comedy,” Hamm said.

Hamm, Teller’s co-star in “Top Gun: Maverick,” then remarked that the show can’t even get famous hosts anymore.

“Well, I heard they rarely put the host in the cold open, so when they do… it’s special,” Teller’s Peyton said.

The whole cast then said the show’s signature catch phrase, “Live… from New York. It’s Saturday Night!”

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