New Marquette Fashion Show to catwalk Marquette Saturday

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Marquette’s very first fashion show will hit the runway this Saturday.

The event was created to give U.P. designers and students a chance to showcase their skills. Marquette Fashion Show Director Pearl Ann Rose McConnell said the main goal is to give young people hoping to enter the fashion industry the experience they need.

“I just like getting people together and learning stuff that they can take elsewhere in the world,” said McConnell. “Go to New York Fashion Week after this. Go do L.A. Fashion Week, who knows whatever. Just take the experience elsewhere and I want to see people happy.”

McConnell expects the show to be sold out with over 200 guests and 40 vendors. Among the featured designers will be one of McConnell’s friends Vera Gould.

“I’m very honored that she reached out to me for this experience,” said Gould. “We are friends that paint together and she gave me the opportunity to be in her show and to express my art and promote it.”

In addition to supporting artists and designers, the show will benefit an area nonprofit. Sisu Dark Horse is dedicated to helping marginalized kids reach success in combat sports like Muay Tai and wrestling. President Jovan Mercado said the sports teach life skills.

“If you lose in wrestling it’s because of what you did and what effort you put into it,” said Mercado. “There’s accountability to it because if don’t show up, your teammates aren’t getting better, but ultimately it comes down to you. Just like in life if you get fired from a job, whatever the excuse is, it’s your fault.”

Up next for the Marquette Fashion Show they are looking to host a spring and summer show. They are also working on a fashion magazine that could be coming out soon.

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