Mexico vs Colombia LIVE: Score Updates (2-0) | 09/27/2022

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11:09 PM3 minutes ago


The second half is played between Mexico and Colombia.

10:50 PM21 minutes ago


At the end of the first half, Mexico beats Colombia two-nil.

10:45 PM27 minutes ago


Vega arrived with danger, but Ospina keeps the ball.

10:42 PM29 minutes ago


Close! Cuesta’s header ends up going wide of Ochoa’s goal.

10:42 PM30 minutes ago


Colombia is looking for the first one.

10:31 PM41 minutes ago


Goal, goal, goal for Mexico! Arteaga arrived in the box and sent a shot into the goal that ended up going into the back of the net.

10:24 PMan hour ago


Antuna’s diagonal, but the defense ends up clearing the ball and preventing Martin from shooting.

10:21 PMan hour ago


The match is quite hard fought, both teams are pressing to reach the opponent’s goal.

10:12 PMan hour ago


Antuna’s shot, but it goes over the goal.

10:08 PMan hour ago


Goal, goal, goal for Mexico! Alexis Vega sends in a lethal shot to open the scoring.

10:06 PMan hour ago


Penalty for Mexico! Diaz brings down Antuna inside the box and the penalty is called.

10:03 PMan hour ago


Mexico and Colombia kick off the match.

10:00 PMan hour ago

Colombia: LineUp

Ospina, Medina, Sánchez, Cuesta, Fabra, Barrios, Alzate, Cuadrado, James Rodríguez, Luis Díaz, Falcao.

9:58 PMan hour ago

Mexico: LineUp

Ochoa; K.Álvarez, Moreno, Araujo, Arteaga, Gutiérrez, Guardado, Rodríguez; Antuna, Vega, Martín.

9:54 PMan hour ago

To the court

Both teams are already warming up on the field prior to the start of the match.

9:49 PMan hour ago


Colombia is already present at the stadium and will be looking for a good match and an important victory.

9:48 PMan hour ago


Mexico, with Martino at the helm, is already at the stadium, tonight they will be looking for a victory.

9:39 PM2 hours ago

What a thing!

After the elimination, Colombia wasted no time and chose Lorenzo to coach the team and begin preparations for the next World Cup.

9:34 PM2 hours ago

Not convincing

Gerardo Martino continues to move the pieces in order to choose the right players to attend the World Cup at the end of the year.

9:29 PM2 hours ago

Watch out for this player

Guillermo Ochoa is the player to pay special attention to, the goalkeeper has six clean sheets in seven games, a number he will be looking to increase.

9:24 PM2 hours ago

Last visit

The last time Mexico played in this facility was in 2019, when it defeated Paraguay by four goals to two.

9:14 PM2 hours ago

We’re back!

We’re back for a minute-by-minute coverage of the Mexico-Colombia match. We will soon share with you the most relevant information about both teams, as well as the confirmed lineups.

9:09 PM2 hours ago

There will be changes

Lorenzo stated that there will be changes in the starting eleven for this match, due to the type of game played by Martino’s team.

9:04 PM2 hours ago

Last victory

Mexico last won against Colombia in 2010, where Elías Hernández scored a solitary goal to come out on top.

8:59 PM2 hours ago

Colombia Statements

Néstor Lorenzo spoke before the match: “Mexico is a very even team in all its lines, that plays good soccer, that leads from the back. The issue is the difficulty of where we are going to recover and how. They associate well and run down the flanks, these are Mexico’s strengths in the World Cup; this is the information we are giving to the players and what worries me”.

8:54 PM2 hours ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of Mexico vs. Colombia

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Mexico vs Colombia live, as well as the latest information from Levi’s Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL’s live online minute-by-minute coverage of the match. 

8:49 PM2 hours ago

Where and how to watch Mexico vs Colombia live online

8:44 PM2 hours ago

What time is the Mexico vs. Colombia match of the FIFA Friendly Match?

8:39 PM3 hours ago

Mexico Statements

Gerardo Martino spoke before the match against Colombia: “It’s good to have this time to stand in the middle because we have to do the exercise to see how the players recover, who is able to repeat, find the best formation, so in that sense it’s good. Regarding the five players who, by mutual agreement with their clubs rejoined them to continue their rehabilitation.”

“I deeply regret that Colombia with Reynaldo Rueda did not qualify, I would have really liked to see them in the World Cup. What they have are very good individuals, playing in the best leagues in the world and now, starting a totally new process. They are with the desire to show each of the new coaches that they are there to be part of the new period and that is what we will see tomorrow from Colombia’s players.”

“What we always intend is for people to leave happy. We are not oblivious to the feeling that we can awaken in the fans, much more so when the World Cup is approaching, not exclusively because of what has to do with what happened six years ago, we do it because we want people to somehow be able to recover the illusion and have expectations when we start playing the first game of the World Cup.”

“Not everything we put at stake tomorrow has to do with the match with Poland or in trying things for the match against the Poles, there are times when we have to find the solution exclusively for what tomorrow’s match represents.”

“The fundamental thing has to do with replacement, it was our turn, if you look at the Russia roster there is almost no one left, Jorge Sánchez, (César) Montes, (Johan) Vázquez, ( Gerardo) Arteaga, Carlos Rodríguez, (Sebtasián) Córdova, (Luis) Chávez, (Érick) Sánchez, (Eduardo) Aguirre, ‘Piojo’ (Alvarado), (Diego) Lainez, (Alexis) Vega, that has to do with us? I wouldn’t say it, but you asked me and that is the selection of Mexico, the United States and Canada 2026 because in the pandemic the Olympics took a year and those guys were formed in the senior national team and that is a positive balance that I find.

“Then there is a way of playing, like it or not, the national team plays in a certain way and this is useful in the same process or if there is a similar way of playing, which is the same when we have to choose a player, there are some who adapt much better because of the way they play in their club and others who seem to us like national team players, but we have to help them adapt like the Atlas players, but clearly there are many young players who have become national team players.

8:34 PM3 hours ago

How does Colombia arrive?

Colombia arrives to this match after defeating Guatemala four goals to one, adding an important victory in this FIFA date.

8:29 PM3 hours ago

How is Mexico coming?

8:24 PM3 hours ago

The match will be played at Levi’s Stadium.

The Mexico vs Colombia match will be played at Levi’s Stadium, located in California, United States. The stadium has a capacity for 25,000 people.

8:19 PM3 hours ago

Welcome to’s coverage of the 2022 Friendly Match match: Mexico vs Colombia Live Updates!

My name is Lore Solórzano and I’ll be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.

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