Dozens of Hamas, PIJ terrorists arrested after IDF surrounds Hamad, in Khan Yunis

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The IDF’s 98th Division surrounded the Hamad neighborhood in Khan Yunis on Monday and raided infrastructure in the area, where Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists operated, the IDF stated on Tuesday.

The terrorists were then promptly arrested by Israeli forces.

This took place after the terrorists attempted to escape from the western Khan Yunis neighborhood during civilian evacuations that the IDF was carrying out in the area, which were being done to protect Gazan civilians. Israeli forces also located weapons during the raids.

IDF strikes on a Hamas terror structure in Gaza on March 4, 2024 (credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

About 20 terrorists were also eliminated on Monday in central Gaza by Israeli forces through the use of sniper and tank fire and UAVs.

IDF troops concurrently continued to act to evacuate civilians from combat areas, the military added.

IDF eliminates terror squad

In the Beit Hanun area in northern Gaza, the forces identified a squad of terrorists who operated a drone. A fighter jet subsequently eliminated the squad.

IDF operates in Khan Yunis, Gaza on March 4, 2024. (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT)

The IDF eliminated about twenty terrorists in the central Gaza Strip, with the IAF striking over 50 Hamas targets, which included rocket launch positions, munitions warehouses, tunnel shafts, and other military infrastructures.

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