Donald Trump accuses Joe Biden of allowing migrants into US to vote for him

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Donald Trump has accused Joe Biden of trying to rig the 2024 presidential election by allowing illegal migrants to vote.

In a new year’s message, the former president suggested that Mr Biden’s reluctance to increase security on the southern US border was an attempt to increase his vote share in November’s election.

“As the new year fast approaches, I would like to wish an early new year’s salutation to crooked Joe Biden and his group of radical Left misfits and thugs on their never-ending attempt to destroy our nation through lawfare, invasion and rigging elections,” he wrote on Saturday.

“They are now scrambling to sign up as many of those millions of people they are illegally allowing into [our] country in order that they will be ready to vote in the presidential elections of 2024.”

Federal law bans non-citizens, including illegal migrants, from voting in elections.

Electoral fraud accusations

The message suggests Mr Trump plans to continue accusations of electoral fraud in his campaign this year, following similar claims over the 2020 election result that are now the subject of a criminal trial in Georgia.

Mr Trump and his associates have been indicted with racketeering charges in the state over their attempts to overturn Mr Biden’s victory and make false claims over the validity of the result.

A separate trial, set to begin this year in Washington DC, will examine accusations that Mr Trump attempted to defraud the American people by interfering with the election result.

Mr Trump has repeatedly claimed that his re-election bid has been the target of politically-motivated attacks in the courts, including the latest attempts to strike him from the ballot in at least two states.

His opponents argue that under an obscure amendment to the US constitution, he is unable to run for office because he has been involved in “insurrection” against the United States.

The cases have been condemned by his major rivals, while the Obama strategist David Axelrod has warned that Mr Trump must be beaten at the ballot box or risk widespread civil unrest.

‘Rip the country apart’

“I do think it would rip the country apart if he were actually prevented from running because tens of millions of people want to vote for him,” Mr Axelrod told CNN.

“I think if you’re going to beat Donald Trump, you’re going to probably have to do it at the polls.”

The issue of border security has become a major feature of Republican candidates’ early campaigns, while GOP congressmen have held up Mr Biden’s Ukraine spending plans with demands that more is done to repel illegal migrants.

On Sunday, the state of Texas defied an executive order from Eric Adams, the New York City mayor, and sent a bus of 50 migrants to the city to arrive shortly before midnight.

Polls show that Mr Biden performs poorly on the issue of immigration with the American public at large.

In October, the president agreed to continue the construction of a border wall begun by Mr Trump in response to record migration figures in Texas.

US and Mexican officials have pledged to reduce the number of migrants travelling to the border from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti.


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