‘Devil took over me’: IDF reveals Islamic Jihad terrorist’s October 7 rape confession

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The IDF on Thursday put out a video of a Unit 504 interrogation of an Islamic Jihad terrorist named Manar Mahmoud Muhammad Qasem in which he explicitly confesses to and describes his rape of an Israeli woman on October 7.

From the interrogation video, Qasem did not seem to know much about the invasion of Israel in advance, but he was told by one of his fellow Islamic Jihad counterparts that they were going to attack Israel when he arrived at their regular base.

Despite being trained for naval combat, he and his counterpart joined in the invasion on land. Qasem noted to the interrogator that his counterpart was wounded in the head after they crossed into Israel, but that he proceeded into a Kibbutz with a handgun and two grenades.

Next, he said, he entered a house alone; it initially appeared empty, but he then found a woman in one of the side rooms.

The interrogation of Islamic Jihad terrorist Manar Mahmoud Muhammad Qasem (IDF SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT)

“I started to strip her clothes off, and I did what I did”

He said she was terrified of him and that he threw her on the couch when she asked for help.

Qasem described her as wearing a blue miniskirt, a white shirt, and sandals. 

After he threw her on the couch, he told the interrogator, “Satan took over me, I lay on top of her on the bed, I started to strip her clothes off, and I did what I did.”

He said that he had also removed her pink bra and pink underwear.

When the interrogator asked him to specify what exactly “he did,” Qasem said, “I went to sleep with her.”

The interrogator then asks him if all they did was go to sleep. 

At this point, in the initial recording, it seemed that the interrogator and the terrorist were speaking at the same time, and one cannot hear the terrorists’s voice, but the subtitles say that he said, “I raped her.” 

When the Jerusalem Post noted the anomaly to the IDF, the military said it worked on improving the sound and sent out a revised video in which the terrorist’s voice could be heard when the subtitles say, “I raped her.”

Next, Qasem said, “She pushed me, and it didn’t last very long, and then I heard yelling outside.”

Pressed on how long the rape lasted, Qasem said around 60-90 seconds.

Next, he said that the two put their clothes back on and that two other terrorists entered and took the woman and her mother (who had also appeared) away.

After this, Qasem said he heard gunfire nearby and opened fire on an Israeli male civilian.

He said he hit the man in the lower part of his body, but did not know whether the man survived or not. 

He also said he threw one of his grenades at two other Israelis, and then fled.  

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