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NEW DELHI: Chad Daybell, whose various identities include a gravedigger, “doomsday” author, and alleged cult leader, is facing trial that could label him a convicted murderer. This Ada County trial, set to unfold over several weeks with jury selection starting on April 1, is projected to last at least two months. Daybell is charged with the first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder of his former wife Tammy Daybell, and Lori Vallow’s children, Tylee Ryan and Joshua “JJ” Vallow.
The story that has captivated the nation began unfolding in 2019 with the disappearance of Vallow’s children.Shortly after, Daybell and Vallow were found in Hawaii, and Tammy Daybell’s sudden death in her sleep three weeks prior added to the mystery. It took nine months for the children’s bodies to be discovered in shallow graves on Daybell’s Idaho property, a report in Independent said.
The saga unveiled a pattern of sudden deaths around the couple and their cult beliefs, including a “rating system of light and dark” to assess people’s spirits, and the idea that “zombies” could only be freed by the death of their human host. This revelation came from their text messages and the couple’s belief in being chosen as part of the 144,000.
Before her own death, Tammy Daybell was believed to have been murdered by suffocation, as revealed during Vallow’s trial. Daybell had predicted his wife would not live past 50, according to testimony from Tammy’s friend. Now, the trial will delve into the series of events that led to the deaths of Tylee, JJ, and Tammy, intertwined with Daybell’s doomsday cult beliefs and allegations of murder for financial gain.


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