Bill Gates takes it to the extreme and releases swarm of mosquitoes to create malaria

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Bill Gates made a statement about malaria recently since he did whatever it took to make a point, that it shouldn’t be just the communities in economically challenged circumstances who should deal with the situation.

He’s been an advocate to combat malaria

Gates who has been a fundraiser and investor for different life-threatening situations has endeavored in preventing the malaria disease from claiming more lives and to create awareness, he took it to the limit by releasing a swarm of mosquitoes to the attendees of the conference where he was the keynote speaker.

People had mixed feelings

His antics had quite a reaction on social media, “This guy has been fighting viruses since windows 95… .” Another commented, “I would be so mad if I was in that audience!”

While the next one continued “I love how everyone is clapping and laughing while bill releases mosquitoes into the crowd” – prompting the reply: “They’re not clapping they’re trying to kill the mosquitoes.”

This is the second time he used insects to prove a point

In 2010 he released glowing fireflies to make people aware of the global energy shortage crisis, and back them he received a standing ovation for his antics.

Bill and Melinda Gates have donated to try and eradicate malaria

Bill Gates has been keen on his endeavors to prove a point regarding worldly dangers such as Ebola and SARS which are also carried by mosquitoes.

Both Bill and his ex-wife Melinda Gates have been using their foundation to attract interest so there could, fortunately, have malaria eradication.

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