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When you think of going back to school, you typically think about upcoming schoolwork, syllabuses, meeting new friends and the stress behind breaking routines. When the first week of school started, before we even get to campus, we have to pick out a style from our closet.

Whether the outfit has a massive reputation or a simplistic nature, below is a small collection of some of my favorite outfits students wore!

All images shot on 35mm, Cinestill 800T analog film.

Following the extreme summer heat, this University of Nevada, Reno student used an umbrella as an accessory and shade for the sun. Her choice in a simplistic red shirt and long denim jeans collects the focus of the people around her and makes her stand out in a non-distracting way.

With a classy bag and a classic hat reminiscent of fashion history’s greatest summers, this individual takes a break from the sun while showcasing their outfit. Easy to miss, but impactful when noticed.

With a smile in force, this student at UNR rocks stunning and culture inspired hair and simplistic white sunglasses that reflects the look of Beyoncé’s summer hit “Renaissance”.

Showcasing her beautiful smile and marvelous eye shadow, this student struts around the Joe Crowley Student Union wearing an eye-catching white top that compliments her eye-shadow. The top is layered over a black, lustful crop top while wearing boots that portray power. 

In a moment of happiness and enjoyment, a student socializes while waiting for a coffee drink at Starbucks. The outfit promises to showcase one of summer’s brightest colors —yellow. Her layered top includes a pastel look and underneath is a fall-themed undertone shirt that is made with a zipper that in itself is an accessory. Her vulnerability is released as her hair is pulled back, and the energy that comes from her will light up any room.

Walking through campus, this student captures the culturistic side of the trendy Y2K look. Showcasing their backpack that breaks the common boundaries of fit, it can easily capture anyone’s eye. Their perfectly styled hair mixed with a white muscle tee allows this student’s fit to easily blend in or capture attention. 

Walking through campus with a refreshing Starbucks drink in hand, this student knows the exact look she wanted to achieve and made it happen. Each piece of her outfit complements each other, from her bag to her hair and shirt. This fit is promising and pleasing to the eye.

This University of Nevada, Reno student wears a hat fitting to their style and personality. With an oversized look made of a shirt and baggy jeans, this outfit is easy to miss but unforgettable when noticed.

This student enjoys a meal at Argenta Hall’s newest dining hall. Perfectly encapsulating their energy, they wear a pastel toned striped t-shirt that rests and is shaped perfectly for their body and skin. Their hair, styled simplically, pursues the attention of others and successfully receives it. 

This University of Nevada, Reno student walks toward the quad after a class wearing fashionable bracelets, a pastel muscle top and holding her phone in hand. The most inspired piece this student is wearing is the Fjällräven Kanken, a very nostalgic and classical backpack that had it’s creation in 1978. The backpack’s distressed appearance also allows an observer to consider the story of the backpack’s past with her and how many experiences they shared together. 

This studying student wears a simplistic outfit that captures the basic and habitual outfits most college students will wear on a normal day. The customary nature of her outfit allows her to blend in and further set the standard of what is considered typical fashion on campus.

With another simplistic look, this student wears her hair up and in a bun. While on the phone, she enjoys a red drink and people watches those who enter the Joe Crowley Student Union. 

Another college student showcases a culturistic hairstyle while wearing a glowing and reflective skeleton crop tee. Her hat, also reflective, points all eyes on her and requires an intense amount of confidence and self-love that she not only has, but also radiates and spreads everywhere she goes.

Eye-catching and game-changing, this student dresses up as Spider-Man from Far From Home despite the summer’s hottest heat. This outfit is promised to gain attention. Though it may be hard to maintain, the taste of exclusivity is more rewarding than its defects.

Opinions expressed in The Nevada Sagebrush are solely those of the author and do not necessarily express the views of The Sagebrush or its staff. Gabriel Kanae is a student at the University of Nevada studying journalism. They can be reached at and on Twitter @NevadaSagebrush.

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