Austin Theory does NOT believe John Cena will give him his dream WrestleMania showdown

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Austin Theory had to recalibrate after losing Money in the Bank, but tells Sportsmail he is confident he’s back on the right path now.

The 25-year-old – previously known as just Theory – lost to Bobby Lashley in July, but won the MITB contract on the same day. 

The experience naturally shook one of WWE‘s brightest young talents, but with John Cena set to makes his return on Monday in Boston, Theory has emerged as the front-runner to face the sure-fire Hall of Famer at WrestleMania next month.

Can Theory secure his dream match and begin his true ascent to WWE stardom? After a crazy first couple of years on the main, there’s plenty to talk about with the Atlanta-export.   

The United States champion spoke exclusively to Sportsmail, and you can read the interview below. 

Austin Theory has had a pretty special past few months since Money in the Bank 2022

Austin Theory has had a pretty special past few months since Money in the Bank 2022

John Cena is set to return to the ring in Boston, with plans to take on Theory at WrestleMania

John Cena is set to return to the ring in Boston, with plans to take on Theory at WrestleMania

Alex: ‘Austin Theory, thank you for joining us. You’ve had a good year, especially these last few months. I loved the way you approached the press conference after the last PPV. It must feel great, heading into WrestleMania with some hardware on your shoulder.’ 

Austin: ‘Hey man it’s going very good, I have no complaints and especially the press conference. I think everyone talks about WWE and what’s coming up next, we’re here to talk about the now and that’s what I was all about when I went in there. I wanted everyone to know my accomplishments and what I’m doing around here and it’s not going to just slide past anybody.’

Alex: ‘You mentioned [John] Cena was someone who inspired you growing up. He’s back on Monday, you’re in Boston. Have you got a special surprise in store for Cena?’ 

Austin: ‘Of course, I do. I’m on Monday Night Raw every single Monday, and we all know the history of John Cena and know the work his put in – how many Mondays he’s been there. I just want to show him all of the respect all that I can when I see him on Monday. I’ll be the one to bring that to him. A warm welcome, very warm.’

Alex: ‘What do you want from WrestleMania?’ 

Austin: ‘Of course, what I’ve been doing with the United States Championship, there’s nobody more loyal to that championship than me. Especially having such a big WrestleMania in Hollywood, the biggest WrestleMania we’ve ever had, this is going to be a chance for me to take that United States Championship and really showcase it in the match that I’m in. 

‘Everybody has these thoughts of if it’s going to be John Cena. Me personally, I don’t think he would face me at WrestleMania, I don’t think John Cena is going to show up. With his schedule and everything, he’s the past now man, it is what it is. I don’t see that happening, but if it does, oooh if it does. But anyone else out there, maybe we’ll have somebody that we’ve never seen before in the WWE show up and maybe they want some of Austin Theory. Maybe they want some of that Hollywood WrestleMania and try to take home that United States Championship.’

Alex: ‘Looking how close we are to this grand WrestleMania, you must have imagined how it would be your real anointment. You’re already a champion, but to potentially beat John Cena…. there’s milestones that you would have imagined, but now they’re tangible.’ 

Austin: ‘It’s a crazy journey when I think about it. Having someone like Cena who motivated me and inspired me, having that possibility of facing him at WrestleMania, it’s like a dream come true. But it’s one of those things, will it happen? I hope so, I really do, but I guess it all depends on what I do Monday. I guess it’s all up to me.’

Austin Theory believes it has been a 'crazy journey' through WWE to take him where he is now

Austin Theory believes it has been a ‘crazy journey’ through WWE to take him where he is now

Alex: ‘You’ve dialled it up since Money in the Bank. You were a Vince McMahon project, but things have changed. What’s it like working with Triple H, and this great run, particularly in the last six months? The fans have been buying into the threat of Austin Theory. It feels more rounded since you failed to cash-in  

Austin: ‘Honestly when I think about everything from when I started on the main roster to when I’m at now. We’re close to two years now. To me, I enjoy the process, and I love how the character went through everything, going from just being the kid that’s young and ambitious but kind of cocky, rolling on into doing the selfies and becoming the youngest United States Champion and becoming the youngest Mr Money in the Bank. 

‘It got to a point with the Money in the Bank where it was time to evolve and try something new, but I think the briefcase was great though. I think that you really needed that low to get to the high we’re at now – and the high that we’re going, baby. 

‘So, I think it’s great to have that process and also I think people can connect to a person more going through a process like that. Because if someone is always so up and so high lifted, then that’s always them, and they never change, I don’t think people can relate to that. Everybody can relate to change, because everyone’s lives change every few months; you meet someone different or you go to different places or experience something new. 

‘So it’s always that connection with ‘oh I can relate to that.’ So I think it’s great that happened with the contract and you got to invest in it either though it wasn’t a good time and just try to make the best of the situation. And that’s what I did.’

Alex: ‘I’ve seen you say there wasn’t a defined plan when you got the contract. Was there more of a plan this time? Did Triple H map it out? Did it help knowing you were heading somewhere?’

Austin: ‘It’s like one of these things with WWE, and it’s so funny because this is like back working with Mr McMahon – expect the unexpected. It’s just one of those things that’s not really set in stone, or that’s really mapped out, because at any given moment anything can happen. So you don’t really know exactly where some things going to go. You just show up, and give it everything you’ve got and that’s what I do every time. 

‘To me there’s no way of not getting anywhere if you’re giving everything you have and your showing up, giving the best you can, no matter what the situation is whether it’s good or bad. Me just knowing if I’m going as hard as I can with this Money in the Bank contract, trying to make it the best it can be and make it as memorable as can be, it will be fine. And then, losing it and coming up with this new character and making it succeed and making it believable – that’s all on me. 

‘Even if there is a map planned out, and there’s not, it’s almost like it’s up to me anyway whether we’re going to make it there or not. Where we’re at now I’m definitely proud of it.’

He said Tyson Fury took a 'cheap shot' to punch him during the WWE event in Cardiff last year

He said Tyson Fury took a ‘cheap shot’ to punch him during the WWE event in Cardiff last year

Alex: ‘What was it like getting punched by Tyson Fury?’ 

Austin: ‘You know what, he’s good at his job I’ll say that. A cheap shot, you know. You’re a world champion boxer and you gotta take a cheap shot on Austin Theory. I mean, I get it. I’m Austin Theory, you know. Even if you’re a world champion boxer, you gotta take a cheap shot because he got lucky, real lucky. He got a knockout, but it was a cheap shot, he knows what would happen if I was looking at him in his eyes. I wouldn’t say it was smart on his plan, but it was probably the best thing he could have done. Because any other way would have been bad for him for sure.’

Alex: ‘Twitter went wild – “Austin Theory’s grown his beard out! He’s chnaging his character!” Did you know it would be a big deal?’ 

Austin: ‘Honestly man, you know what’s crazy I used to have the goatee and the moustache and I would never shave – I’d always just trim. So literally the next day I would always have a 5 o’clock shadow, so I was just kind of slowly doing it anyway, growing it out. But the timing of it worked out because I didn’t know if I was going to be Mr. Money in the Bank with a beard, you know. I was just growing it out right when I lost the briefcase and the beard started coming in and it was like here it is now! This is the beard of the now. Anything little thing that you do, it’s crazy how people can just blow it up and make it a thing, but that’s how it is nowadays.’

Alex: ‘Were you trained by AR Fox? He’s been getting to showcase himself in AEW. That must be nice to see?’

Austin: ‘It’s amazing, especially the talent he has and the mindset he has for wrestling period. It’s amazing to watch. Me, I literally knew nothing about independent wrestling when I started training at a wrestling school, he was the first person I met at a wrestling school and he was the first person who showed me anything at a wrestling school and he took me under his wing and sacrificed a lot for me to get me where I am. I appreciate him a lot and can’t say enough good things about him. I’m happy for him.’

Alex: ‘The character has evolved during this run. I saw you in the gym with Finn Balor, someone I admire greatly. Is there anyone that’s helped Austin Theory along the way you’d like to shoutout backstage?’

Theory immediately fell to the floor, preventing Fury from completing his cash in last summer

Theory immediately fell to the floor, preventing Fury from completing his cash in last summer

Austin: ‘There’s a few people. Finn is actually somebody, when I first started doing live events on the main roster I worked with him a lot and somebody who kind of helped me with the blueprint and showed me the ropes and stuff like that. So, he’s definitely somebody who’s up there for me and helped. 

‘I would also say Jey Uso, that’s somebody from when I was doing dark matches after NXT and I was proving that I belonged on the main roster, he was somebody that after every time I had a dark match he would give me a little comment and then I started he’s opening the door for me to ask him stuff. So I definitely took all I could and I’d ask stuff and even to this day he’s somebody who’s super helpful, who’s always watching and gives it to you like it is. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything, wants to keep it real and see me succeed and I appreciate that and I could tell that from the beginning. 

‘MVP is another one as well, that helps me out a lot, and it’s very cool because it’s those guys who I obviously admire and getting in the ring is a pleasure.’

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Read More: Austin Theory does NOT believe John Cena will give him his dream WrestleMania showdown

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