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Biden pays tribute to former first lady Rosalynn Carter: ‘She brought so much grace to office’

Rosalynn Carter, the wife of former president Jimmy Carter’s wife, died at the age of 96 on Sunday.

The Carter Center announced the former first lady’s death just two days after she entered hospice care at the couple’s home in Plains, Georgia. Rosalynn is survived by her husband, four children, 22 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and a legacy of mental health advocacy.

Jimmy Carter, 99, who is also in hospice care, paid tribute to his wife in a statement saying, “Rosalynn was my equal partner in everything I ever accomplished.”

“She gave me wise guidance and encouragement when I needed it. As long as Rosalynn was in the world, I always knew somebody loved and supported me,” he added.

The Carter Center said there was “no update” on Mr Carter’s health.

The couple’s son, Chip Carter, called her “a loving mother”, “extraordinary First Lady” and “great humanitarian”.

A formal funeral is set to take place next Wednesday, November 29th in Plains, Georgia. Members of the public are invited to pay their respects as Carter lies in repose at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum.


Watch: Biden pays tribute to former first lady Rosalynn Carter: ‘She brought so much grace to office’

Biden pays tribute to former first lady Rosalynn Carter: ‘She brought so much grace to office’

Ariana Baio21 November 2023 10:00


Rosalynn Carter’s’ children

Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter had four children together throughout their 77 years of marriage.

The oldest child, John William “Jack” Carter was born on July 3, 1947.

He was raised in Plains, Georgia and worked on the family’s peanut farm before attending the Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University and Georgia Southwestern University. Like his father, he joined the Navy.

Their second child is James Earl “Chip” Carter III who was born on April 12, 1950. He was born in Hawaii while Mr Carter was stationed there during his Navy service. He worked in his family’s peanut warehouse before being elected to the Plains city council.

The Carter’s third child is Donel Jeffrey “Jeff” Carter, born on August 18, 1952. He attended Georgia Southwestern University and then George Washington University.

The fourth child, and only daughter, is Amy Lynn Carter who was born on October 18, 1967. She is the only Carter child to have spent her childhood in the White House.

Ariana Baio21 November 2023 08:00


ICYMI: Read Rosalynn Carter’s obituary

The Carter Center announced the former first lady’s death on Sunday, two days after she entered hospice care at their home in Plains, Georgia. She leaves behind her husband, four children, 22 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and a legacy of mental health advocacy.

Ariana Baio21 November 2023 06:00


Secret Service say ‘farewell’ to Rosalynn Carter aka ‘Dancer’

The Secret Service, which provided protection for Rosalynn Carter and Jimmy Carter for the 42 years following Mr Carter’s leave from the White House, issued a statement following Rosalynn’s death on Sunday.

“Your compassion, diplomacy and penchant to make society better for those less fortunate was an inspiration for an entire generation. It has been our honor to protect and serve you for all of these years,” the Secret Service wrote in a statement on X.

Carter and her husband were the longest protectees in Secret Service history. Both had round-the-clock protection under their codenames “Deacon” for Mr Carter and “Dancer” for Rosalynn.

“ You were truly a treasure for our nation and our Secret Service family.”

Ariana Baio21 November 2023 04:00


Trump mocked Jimmy Carter hours after Rosalynn entered hospice care

Former president Donald Trump mocked Jimmy Carter just days after his wife Rosalynn Carter entered hospice care – and hours before she passed away.

Speaking at a rally in Iowa on Sunday, the former president took aim at the former president in a bizarre attempt to lash out at current President Joe Biden.

“The happiest person anywhere in this country right now is Jimmy Carter because his administration looked brilliant compared to these clowns,” he said to insult the Biden administration.

“Compared to Biden, Jimmy Carter was a brilliant, brilliant president,” Mr Trump added.

His comments came hours after it was announced that the former first lady had entered hospice care. She died on Sunday at 96 years old after living with dementia.

Ariana Baio21 November 2023 02:00


Rosalynn Carter pioneered office of the first lady

Before Rosalynn Carter became the first lady in 1977, there was no staff specifically designated for the first lady.

But that all changed when Carter joined her husband, Jimmy Carter, in the White House, according to White House historian Stewart McLaurin

“It was, in 1977, that Rosalynn Carter created this office of the First Lady in the iconic East Wing space that we now refer to as the home of the base of operations of our modern first ladies,” Mr McLaurin told CNN on Monday.

Carter became a central part of her husband’s administration.

Carter died on Sunday at 96 years old.

Ariana Baio21 November 2023 00:00


Kamala Harris remembers Rosalynn Carter

Vice President Kamala Harris posted a tribute to former First Lady Rosalynn Carter after news of Carter’s death broke on Sunday.

“First Lady Rosalynn Carter lived a life of service, faith, compassion, and unmatched moral leadership,” Ms Harris wrote in a post on X.

Ms Harris remembered Carter for her advocacy work to advance human rights, health and dignity.

“As a humanitarian, a public servant, and a global leader, Mrs. Carter improved the lives of millions—and inspired countless more to dedicate their lives to service. Her legacy will be a beacon for generations to come,” Ms Harris added.

Ariana Baio20 November 2023 23:00


President Biden honors Rosalynn Carter during Turkey pardoning

During the annual turkey pardoning ceremony, President Joe Biden honored the late First Lady Rosalynn Carter when giving a speech about Thanksgiving.

”This week, we’ll gather with the people we love and the traditions that each of us have built up in our own families. We’ll also think about the lost ones we lost, including just yesterday when we lost former First Lady Rosalynn Carter who walked her own path, inspiring a nation and the world along the way,” Mr Biden said.

Ariana Baio20 November 2023 22:00


Habitat for Humanity releases statement on Rosalynn Carter’s death

Habitat for Humanity, the nonprofit organisation that uses volunteer work to build homes for people, has released a statement in light of Rosalynn Carter’s death.

Carter and her husband, Jimmy Carter, were longtime volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, having helped build, renovate and repair more than 4,300 homes.

“With Rosalynn Carter’s passing, Habitat for Humanity has lost one of our most ardent and dedicated volunteers. As we join the world in mourning the death of a remarkable leader, we reflect on the life of a woman who used her platform to make a difference for those in need of affordable housing,” Habitat for Humanity said. 

“She touched many lives through her steadfast support of Habitat’s mission and her commitment and crucial support of mental health initiatives. We are strengthened by her example and comforted by the memory of a life dedicated to helping others.”

Former US President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalyn Carter attach siding to the front of a Habitat for Humanity home being built June 10, 2003

(Getty Images)

Ariana Baio20 November 2023 21:30


Rosalynn Carter was dedicated to preserving Monarch butterflies

Throughout her lifetime, Rosalynn Carter worked to destigmatize mental health, advocate for better care for the elderly, build housing and preserve butterflies.

As a fan of butterflies from a young age, Carter spent the latter half of her lifetime working to preserve butterfly habitats in her hometown of Plains, Georgia.

In 2013, Carter sought to create a safe place for Monarch butterflies to pollinate, after seeing butterfly habitats dwindle due to natural disasters, human interference and more. She created the Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail which hosts plants for Monarchs and other butterflies to use to grow.

The trail continued to grow with locations across the US, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Ariana Baio20 November 2023 21:00

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