Haunting moment IDF officer is met with silence when yelling for survivors at music-fest

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Newly released video captures the haunting moment an Israeli police officer was met with eerie silence when desperately calling out for survivors after the Nova Music Festival massacre, where Hamas killed about 260 people on Oct. 7.

“Anyone, please! Give us a sign of life! Anyone? Any signs of life? Can anyone answer?” the increasingly frantic cop shouts at the scene of the carnage.

Despite the officer’s pleas during the nearly 2-minute-long video, no one ever responds to him.

The video opens with the officer, identified only as Aran, yelling that he is a member of the Israel Defense Forces while armed and looking for the wounded at the desert concert venue near Gaza.

Instead, the officer finds four dead bodies sprawled out on the floor, with even more corpses piled up, at an adjacent bar, much to the officer’s horror.

“Everyone is dead. The entire bar is full of bodies,” he says grimly.

An IDF officer yelled out for survivors, to no avail, during the aftermath of the Nova Music Festival.
Israel Defense Forces
The officer was only met with silence and bodies lying on the floor.
Israel Defense Forces

The IDF officer starts to panic as he yells out for survivors to show themselves or call for help if they’re wounded, but no one answers.

The attack at the Nova Music Festival, which had thousands of people attending the holiday rave, was among the deadliest in Hamas’ assault Oct. 7 that left more than 1,400 dead across Israel.

It was also the site of some of the most shocking violence carried out by Hamas, with videos and images showing the harrowing kidnappings by the terrorists as well as the bloody casualties.

A pile of bodies was left inside a tent at the music festival.
A woman flees from the music festival as Hamas gunmen attacked.
An IDF officer examines the charred remains of a parking lot at the music festival.
NEIL HALL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

A day after the partygoers were attacked, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted photos of the aftermath, which included dozens of bodies lying motionless inside a tent and bullet-ridden corpses.

The festival was notably where German-Israeli tattoo artist Shani Louk was kidnapped and then paraded through the streets of Gaza. Her body was found last week, with officials saying the terrorists had “chopped off her head.”

It was also where Hamas kidnapped Israeli-French citizen Mia Shem, one of the few hostages the world has seen alive after the terrorist group released a video of her receiving medical treatment for a wounded arm.

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