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Omar Farooq’s fashion do’s & don’ts for men

Instep: What’s a trend in men’s fashion that needs to be laid to rest?

Omar Farooq: No socks. Invisible socks. If you must wear them, wear them properly. I feel like men took the trend way too seriously, and then the trousers became too skinny. Actually, the no-sock thing is better than the skinny pant. Slim to straight is fine, but the very skinny pants and jeans have to go.

Instep: An item of clothing every man should have in his closet?

OF: A plain black suit, a navy-blue suit. You think you don’t know what to wear? Wear a white shirt with a black jacket. Wear a sky-blue shirt with blue stripes with a blue suit, and you’ll look and feel good regardless of the occasion.

In Eastern, have your black and white shalwar kameez, stitched in high-quality fabric, by a good tailor.

Instep: And accessories?

OF: Those vary. Everyone has their own style and preference. But I do feel that the younger generation – 30s and below – are more confident in what they wear and therefore carry it well. I think [to develop a style that works] you have to be a little more aware of who you are, and be confident in who you are, and channel that outward.

– Amina Baig

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