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Oura has, after many years of trying, finally managed to sand out the hard edge from its body tracking smart ring. The company is updating the third-generation of its ring, originally released at the end of 2021, but this time with a perfectly round body. The Oura (Gen3) Horizon keeps the same suite of advanced sensors found in the existing model, but looks far nicer on the finger.

Most wearables, even the elegant ones, have a hard edge or two in their designs since common batteries and components are built in rectangles. While the Oura 3 wasn’t ugly, the hard side did knock a point or two from its style stats, especially at certain, unflattering, angles. And if the ring slid around, it’d dig into your knuckles while you were working out, which wasn’t ideal.

The ring itself is mostly unchanged from the Gen3, unsurprising since it was loaded with a boatload of features Oura itself is still trying to harness. The company has drip-fed new features out across the year, including daytime and workout heart rate, period prediction and blood oxygenation sensing. 

Our Ring (Gen3) Horizon is available to order right now, and is priced at $349, with the existing ring remaining at $299. Would-be buyers can also pick it up in Silver, Black, Stealth and Gold, with the Horizon getting an exclusive Rose Gold colorway, which looks pretty tasty. Not to mention you’ll still need to pay $5.99 per month to unlock all of the goodies the company keeps tucked away for power users.

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