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Are Trinity trends a yay or a nay?

Despite the sweltering San Antonio heat, a large percentage of Trinity students still manage to show up and show out every day, sporting fashionable fits and trendy accessories. Of these trends, we’ve also seen a lot of fast fads coming and going recently, from skateboards to scooters.

In honor of our fashion edition this week, the Trinitonian spoke with some stylish students at Coates Student Center to ask about their style icons and opinions on current Trinity trends.


Jacob Iverson, junior communications and art double major (Claire Sammons)

Who is your celebrity style icon/inspiration?
“I don’t think I have any. But anyone who is reading this should check out the way Adam Sandler dresses because it’s amazing. And I think that people should be less restrictive … Fashion is freedom, bro. Just dress how you want. … In terms of [my] fashion inspiration — the aesthetics of the game EarthBound, the SNES game from, like, 1994. The entire game is a bop, everything about it, the design, it’s lovely.”

Are there any specific trends you’ve seen that you absolutely love or hate?
“Honestly, I would say that the comeback of mullets is a little interesting. That’s not necessarily worn fashion. But I don’t know, it can be done right and can be done wrong, but at a certain point, when are you actually wearing something that you enjoy wearing, like a hairstyle that you find aesthetically pleasing, and when are you just conforming to a trend? … In terms of trends I feel like your sense of fashion and what you wear is an extension of who you are as a person, so, regardless of if you participate in fashion trends or not, people should just wear what they want because it’s a part of who they are.”

Frida Marquez, sophomore neuroscience major (Claire Sammons)

Who is your celebrity style icon/inspiration?
“I really like the way Billie Eilish dresses. It’s so flowy and it just shows who she really is, and I really like the colors she uses, too.”

We had someone earlier say Adam Sandler and I’ve seen them being compared in the media. What do you think about this?
“I think that’s good. I like the way he dresses, [and] I’ve also heard that since he’s a celebrity, he dresses in a very humble way, and I like the way he expresses himself. I feel like it’s a really good way to show the world that it’s important to be humble and show who you really are, even if you’re famous or whatever, you need to show your true identity.”

Are there any specific trends you’ve seen that you absolutely love or hate?
“I really like tennis skirts right now, the white ones especially but I would really like to have one of every color to make fits and everything. And I just like the way they look on people and it’s just very flowy and comfortable, and I think they’re really pretty.”

Abby Bell, first-year, undecided (Claire Sammons)

Who is your celebrity style icon?
“I really don’t [have anyone] … My inspiration right now is that I have a bunch of dirty laundry, and this [outfit] was clean.”

Are there any specific trends you’ve seen that you absolutely love or hate?
“I’m a really big fan of the long skirts coming back into fashion, just because I think that they are really comfortable and that they’re pretty well suited for the environment because they protect you from the sun. And so, I think that that ‘modesty’ trend coming back into fashion is pretty good for being down here in San Antonio.”

Andrew Crosley, junior business analytics & technology and finance double-major (Claire Sammons)

Who is your celebrity style icon?
“I like DJ James Hype [and] Nyjah Houston, the skater.”

Do you think that’s a cool trend or are you just, like, it’s very convenient?
“It’s very convenient, and I love skating, I’ve been skating for like five or six years.”

Nathan Daniel Cazares, first-year neuroscience major (Claire Sammons)

Who is your celebrity style icon?
“There’s this one particular artist, he’s more of a hip-hop, R&B artist. His name is Saba and he wears all these crazy beanies, like intricate hats and stuff, and they’re all kind of his own design, and [it’s] just everything no brim.”

Are there any specific trends you’ve seen that you absolutely love or hate?
“I see a lot of people with, the shorts and the long sleeve, or the sweater, and it’s just like … I’m digging it but it’s just like, sometimes it kind of throws me off and you’re not covering like your legs, too. If you’re cold then, you know, you’re cold. But overall I think everybody, you know, their own sense of fashion is kind of like, culturally developed. So whatever they’re wearing, I’m not gonna judge because you know, sometimes I’ll be wearing something funky and, you know, [others] might not like it.”

Wally Guo, first-year intended chemistry major (Claire Sammons)

Who is your celebrity style icon?
“[I don’t really have one], I kind of just put on what I think looks cool, I guess. I definitely think that some of my style is probably inspired by some of my friends back home.”

Are there any specific trends you’ve seen that you absolutely love or hate?
“Personally, I don’t really follow trends, [but] I love seeing people wear Doc Martens, they’re so cool. I have I think two pairs with me. … But yeah, I guess, you know, people wear things, they look cool.”

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