PM’s Office Seeks Report From 37 Ministers Who Visited J&K

37 ministers had visited 70 places and the PMO has sought a report related to each visit.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office has asked all ministers who visited Jammu and Kashmir last week to submit a detailed report citing what all steps can the centre initiate to further the development agenda of PM Narendra Modi.

37 ministers had visited 70 places and the PMO has sought a report related to each visit.

“The Ministry has already received reports from 14 mantris. We will be compiling it together and submit a comprehensive report to PMO,” a senior functionary in the Home Ministry told NDTV. 

According to him, each minister has been asked to fill in a proforma. “There are six columns which need to be filled. Each of them has also been asked to give perspective about their visit and also suggestions,” the functionary further explains. 

Questions about electricity, education standards and gas connectivity have been asked in the proforma which needs to be filled by the ministers. 

“All of us who visited Jammu and Kashmir were asked to spend at least two nights to get a real sense about the ground situation,” explains a union minister who spent three nights in the valley. 

Interestingly, both the junior ministers from the Home Ministry – Nityanand Rai and G Kishan Reddy – were in the valley for three nights. This was the first time when junior ministers of the Home Ministry visited the valley after the abrogation of Article 370 in August last year. 

“This was the first phase in coming days we have been asked to go back to the areas where we visited and again assess improvements,” adds another minister who visited Jammu and Kashmir. 

PM Modi has made it clear to his ministers not to restrict their visits to urban areas. “Ministers have been advised to meet people in villages also to inform about the developmental work carried out by the central government in Jammu and Kashmir,” says a senior minister who visited Jammu region. 

According to him, they were also asked to spread the message about the various central schemes which will benefit the people at grassroots level.