‘Bigg Boss 13’: Sidharth, Aarti, Shehnaz Go Through Grilling Session

Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla while sitting in the katghara

New Delhi:

Wednesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 opened up with Sidharth Shukla on the katghara as Rajat Sharma continues to question the contestants in the Bigg Boss house. Aap Ki Adalat with Sidharth accuses him of bossing around people. He is later questioned about his friendship with Rashami Desai. He explained Rajat Sharma about his strained relation with Rashami which commenced after a news article quoting Rashami as stating things related to issues she faced while working with Sidharth, which maligned his image. Can’t avoid a question about his relation with Shehnaz Gill, can we? Sidharth Shukla generously admitted that he has a “different bond with Shehnaz” and that they have “completely pointless” discussions.

Sidharth Shukla was called a “flipper” as he didn’t help his “more than friend” Shehnaz Gill, but instead helped fellow contestant Paras Chhabra. He was also quoted as saying that, “I don’t take Shehnaz as a competitor.” By the end of his turn, Rajat Sharma advised him to forgive people, jokingly asked him to pick Shehnaz’s calls after they leave the house and also fix his strain relations with Asim Riaz.

Next up was Aarti Singh. She was questioned about her dependency on Sidharth Shukla, to which Aarti agreed. Even though he helped Paras instead of her, she said, “He is not responsible for me.”

Shehnaz Gill was next in line to stand in the katghara and answer Rajat Sharma’s questions. First accusation on Shehnaz is of being a khiladi. But can we miss out a question on ‘Sidnaz’ being a plan of the big game? No, right? So she accepted that ‘Sidnaz’ originated after she started to spend time with Sidharth and developed an attachment, hence, it was not a “game plan”. She also believes that “nobody has supported her” in the game. Rajat Sharma said that the public thinks she herself should be held responsible for ruining her image. He later played a clip in which Shehnaz can be seen saying, “I’m here to win you,” to Sidharth Shukla. She accepted that she is “possessive” about his contestant, friend Sidharth Shukla.

Mahira Sharma was also called to Aap ki Adalat. Rajat Sharma complained that she is “invisible” in the Bigg Boss house. Mahira also said that she would give her trophy to Paras Chhabra, if she won.

After Rajat Sharma left the house, the episode ended with a massive argument between the house inmates.

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